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  • Freelensed flower

    From Salisbury, Wiltshire Tell us about your image After seeing the ‘Nature with freelensing’ article in the May 2016 issue of Digital Photo, I was inspired to give the technique a try. So I dug out an old 50mm prime lens that I used to have on my Praktica BX20 film camera. It had been gathering dust in the cupboard for years! Following the technique in the mag, I set up my Nikon D5300 to shoot in RAW and set an ISO of 400.

  • Eye to Eye

    Flora Borsi’s self-portrait series, “Animeyed,” highlights both the peculiarity and the commonality among species. “I love animals and somehow wanted to show that we are very similar to them,” says Borsi. “I also wanted to make a point of how unique and special they are, one by one-from fish to cat.”


    Noreen Owens, M.Photog., CPP, created “Einstein’s Mother” during a session at her home studio with her 94-year-old grandmother. At first she took a few portraits of her grandmother with wig on. “She looked prominent, beautiful, and wise,” she says. Then she asked her grandmother to remove the wig.

  • Cowgirl with a Camera

    Some people believe the cowboy and cowgirl lifestyle is history, a relic of America’s storied past that is no more. But that’s not how Tamara Gooch sees it. There’s something unique in the way the West sparks her spirit. She senses it when she’s out in the vast landscape. Here, she can smell the sagebrush-scented air and hear the leaves rustled by mountain breezes.

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