An introduction to Pro-Poker Legislation coming up



The poker community has been told that the congressional action regarding the reversal of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) will happen very soon. This has been confirmed by both Congressmen Barney Frank and Jim Mc Dermott when they spoke about introducing the bills. On top of that, this week, showed in a clearer way how soon this action will take place.


Chief of staff for Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) Mike DeCesare, told Card Player earlier on his week: “I expect that we will introduce the legislation in 2-3 weeks. Like last session, we will introduce after [Congressman Barney Frank’s legislation]”.


Having fought for the taxation and regulation of online poker in the past, McDermott is best remembered in the H.R. 6501 bill he introduced last year. This bill was meant to use the income from the regulation of Internet gambling onto new opportunities and job training for past foster care part-takers.


Also at the heart of the fight for online poker is Frank (D-MA). Having previously introduced the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007, this bill also never made it to the House floor for the vote. In fact, this would have revoked the UIGEA.


An assistant for Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) spoke to Reuters last month about how the online poker players and fans could wait and see changes very soon. A spokesman said in February, “The bill introduction should happen in the next month,” “Mr. Frank will bring …

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Online Casino

NYRA’s Video Online Casino On Hold ‘Til 2007



Video slot machines pegged to be the financial savior of the New York Racing Association won’t be in place until 2007 — just months before NYRA’s agreement with the state ends.


Less than four months ago, NYRA said the high-revenue machines would be operating between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. NYRA president Charles Hayward said Tuesday gaining several approvals from state agencies and the vendor, MGM Mirage, took longer than he hoped.


The state racing oversight board told NYRA it would have to refigure its 2006 budget to exclude the video slots, board spokesman Scott Reif said.


NYRA has run thoroughbred racing in New York since 1955 and its contract with the state expires Dec. 31, 2007. The organization has blamed the rise in other forms of Online Casino, including off-track betting, for cutting deeply into its business.


NYRA’s past management also had been accused by state and federal investigators of mismanagement. A federal indictment was dropped because of confidence in Hayward’s leadership.


Hayward said a $30 million state bailout, as well as better-than-projected revenues from January and February, will keep NYRA operating in the state into 2007. He declined to project a new date for the video slots to be running.


On Tuesday, the state’s racing oversight board approved the MGM contract so construction should begin soon on the $170 million facility in Queens, Hayward said. Aqueduct’s video parlor is to house 4,500 machines and is expected to generate more than …

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Control Points in a Sit n Go Hold’em Dominoqq Tournament



There are a number of points in a single table sit n go hold’em tournament when you will have a good indication that something is amiss, or all systems are go, or something important has happened and requires a response. Basically, these indicators help you to recognize when and how to make changes or corrections in your game.


You can think of these control points, as I call them, as performance barometers, or as early warning systems, or simply as signs along the path. The control points mentioned in this article are based upon my observations during 1,000s of sit n go tournaments. And, there is one thing about them that is certain, and that is that they are not for certain. Sometimes they should definitely be heeded, and sometimes they can be ignored. Because, sometimes a player can survive the worst of circumstances. And, sometimes blow the best.


But, it is always good to have a second opinion. And, control points serve that purpose very well. Oftentimes, we will get lost in the game. It is then that the control points can provide that much needed wake up call.


If you will study the mechanics and timing of a Dominoqq tournament, you will find several important points, goals, stages, or events when certain playing responses are warranted. Here are a few of my important control points, they are the ones that I always notice. Whenever any of these alarms sound, I will immediately …

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qiu qiu online




Indonesia merupakan salah satu dari beberapa negara di dunia yang melarang adanya perjudian. Untuk itulah maka para penikmat judi di Indonesia tidak bisa mainkan judi dengan lebih bebas dan juga leluasa. Namun semuanya sudah menjadi masa lalu. Adalah karena adanya sistem judi online. Dengan adanya sistem judi online ini maka kalian para pemain judi bisa mendapatkan kebebasan dalam bermain. Benar, melalui judi online ini maka sekarang kalian sudah bisa memainkan jenis permainan judi yang kalian mau kapan saja dan dari mana saja kalian mau. Jenis jenis permainan juga banyak sekali mulai judi kartu sampai casino bisa dimainkan dengan mudah. untuk salah satu jenis permainan judi yang bisa dimainkan melalui sistem online ini adalah jenis permainan judi capsa susun online.  qiu qiu online Jenis permainan judi capsa susun online ini memang menyenangkan dan menjadi primadona bagi banyak pemain. Jika bingung memilih bandar maka kalian bisa pilih situs judi Homebet88 terbaik ini.


Sepetti dikatakan sebelumnya jenis permainan judi capsa susun memang menjadi salah satu primadona dalam dunia judi online. Oleh sebab itulah mengapa sekarang jugs sudah banyak sekali situs situs judi yang bisa kalian dapatkan untuk bermain judi capsa susun ini. sudah ada ribuan situs atau bandar judi online yang bisa kalian pilih dan bisa kalian dapatkan dengan mudah di internet. Namun walau begitu kalian para pemain juga tidak bisa bermain di sembarang tempat atau bandar. Hal ini dikarenakan adanya banyak bandar judi penipu yang akan membuat kalian kecewa.


Jika kalian sampai bermain di bandar judi online penipu …

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Memilih Klub Kesayangan dan Bermain di Judi Bola


Agen Sportsbook mengurai berita tentang Memilih Klub Kesayangan dan Bermain di Judi Bola. Ketika klub kesayangan sedang berlaga, kita selalu antusias menonton pertandingan. Rasa tegang pasti anda rasakan ketika tim kesayangan anda sedang bermain. Dengan hal tersebut, anda bisa meluapkan dengan bermain judi bola. Karena judi bola bisa menjadi cara untuk mendukung tim kesayangan anda. bola itu yaitu salah satu aksi betting yang saat digemari di Indonesia. Dengan ikut tampil pada judi itu anda akan mampu menyemangati tim jagoan kamu dan kemudian dapat bertaruh dengan uang taruhan yang sedikit supaya berlipat menjadi melimpah. Dengan dana taruhan yang pas, taruhan itu amat dicari. Pemain yang mempunyai minat berjudi di permainan ini akan boleh mengikuti judi bola.


Permainan judi bola itu banyak digelar pada waktu ada laga bola sepak kelas nasional dan kelas internasional. Serta disiarkannya permainan ini, banyak masyarakat yang melakukan taruhan bola ketika sebuah tim sedang bertanding. Dengan turut serta di aksi judi ini, seluruh penghobi sepak bola bisa bertaruh pada klub kesukaan mereka agar menang dalam laga. Makin banyak publik yang ingin ikut terhadap judi bola.


Judi bola berhasil menjadi pertandingan yang sangat menggoda bagi seluruh penyuka bola sepak juga semua penggemar taruhan. Selain itu, banyak pula agent yang pada akhirnya merambah ke wilayah web. Beserta permainan Online ini anda akan bisa harus keluar ke ajang tertentu. Hidup kita akan sangat mudah serta sistem online ini. Ini ialah salah satu kemajuan teknologi yang dibangun oleh manusia. Bersama memainkan judi bola Secara Online tersebut kita hanya mampu …

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What is Mobile Casinos?



Mobile casinos put the fun into the palm of your hand. Be as up-to-the-minute as you can and play your favorite games in your favorite mobile casino.


Mobile Gambling Has Arrived

Mobile gambling is an idea whose time has come. Just as Internet gambling revolutionalized the industry in the 1990s, mobile casinos are overhauling and modernizing the business once again. Right now, as you read, millions of people are taking advantage of the very latest technology to gamble on their cell phones – what are you waiting for?


It now seems like ages ago, but just over a decade ago gambling fans had to pack their bags and fly or drive to their nearest land-based casino in order to play the slots or blackjack. Las Vegas and Atlantic City were the destinations of choice for gamblers and, despite the inconvenience, they came in droves. But online gambling changed all that. Once it became possible to gamble at home – on your PC – people realized that it was way easier and almost as much fun to frequent online casinos as it was to go to a “real” casino. Online gambling drew millions of new and veteran gamblers from all over the world. It became a force to reckon with.


Nothing Is More Mobile than a Mobile Casino

But time – and technology – marches on and a competitive and dynamic industry like gambling can’t allow itself to tread water. After years of research and development, …

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Secrets Of Checking And Raising on casino en ligne



Grand Island, Nebraska, 1965. I’m playing a little too conservatively, but winning nonetheless. I haven’t mastered most of the tricky tactics, tells, and psychological warfare yet, so I resort to just playing tighter than my foes. That, of course, is what you should do during your training stages – and even beyond. Tight turns out to be the simplest way to beat weak opponents who play far too many pots. Of course, you can liberalize and win still more money, but when you’re just guessing about which bet or raise is right in what situations, it’s often better to just stay out of trouble and play super tight. Yes, although it will be hard for many to believe, I wasn’t always an “action player,” profiting from small edges and mixing up my play. I went through periods as a rock. But please don’t tell anyone.


Anyway, I’m just out of high school and have been appointed sports editor for the Daily Independent, a newspaper that serves the city of about 25,000 and its surrounding community. Being sports editor carries special privileges, one of which is that I can be a special guest at the local VFW and play in their quasi-legal poker games.


What does “no-limit” mean?

There are two poker tables, both full of players. I’m in the $1 limit game – stakes that inflation has made less meaningful today. Nearby is a no-limit game that is perceived as a step up in stature. I’m …

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Cheri Casino Poker Position



Cheri Casino Poker is perhaps one of the most difficult games to master because not only it requires mental strength but also nerves of steel. With each poker game you play, the stakes may just go higher and higher…and each time, you shall be forced to decide whether you trust your cards and your abilities enough to match the bet or even raise the ante OR simply fold and give up?


Poker requires you not only to master technical skills but also psychological warfare as you have to be able to bluff your way out of trouble, gauge your opponents’ expressions and body language and control yours.


If you’re not exactly an expert when it comes to playing poker, then what we have in store for you in this article would no doubt prove to be very useful. When playing poker, it’s quite easy to overlook a lot of factors that can actually strongly affect your success rate at the poker table. Read on then and learn about great poker strategies that upon mastering would make you into a winner.






Do you know that positioning can be used to your advantage when playing poker? I bet you didn’t know that, did you? Although the button that marks who the dealer is for a particular game is transferred from one player to another – usually in a clockwise direction but it really depends on the players’ preferences – and therefore gives you …

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Free Sports Picks

Is There A “Professional” Poker Tour who can guide for Free Sports Picks?

In the first Main Event of the World Series of Poker, the World Champion was chosen by a vote. In those days, the predominant player was Johnny Moss. When Doyle Brunson won his back-to-back World Championships later in the 70’s, he actually played to win the title. The number of players he had to work through to get to it was minimal, however, to the number that Johnny Chan had to take out to win his repeat titles.

The last three World Series Main Event winners were all considered “dead money” going into the tournament, with each year setting records for the number of combatants involved. Robert Varkonyi (2002), Chris Moneymaker (2003) and Greg Raymer (2004), while playing great poker and deserving of their championships, were not considered threats to the Harringtons, Hellmuths, and Lederers of the game. All, however, have shown that their wins were not a fluke by continuing to play the game and display the same skills that allowed them to reach the pinnacle of the poker world.

It does lead to a great question, though. Is there truly a “professional” poker tour who can guide about Free Sports Picks?

Poker, it seems, has become the new lottery. For anyone who wants to plop down the buy-in, they can sit elbow to elbow and compete with Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey or Chris Ferguson. With the amount of satellite tournaments available at casinos and online, people can win their way into major tournaments with a minimal expenditure. …

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Togel Hongkong

Online Togel Hongkongpoker gains web acceptance and growth



Rick Salois, a hockey referee, is far enough along into the game to have acquired a nickname — a must-have for serious players. His is “hackey,” and it comes from a hackey-sack he fiddles with while playing. (Raymer’s comes from fossils he uses as card protectors.) His parents have grown used to his habit by now, and don’t mind it “as long as it doesn’t turn into a problem.”


Perhaps what is unusual about players like Salois, and his friend Adam Randall, a University of Maine at Augusta student, is that they do not fall to the lure of playing big.


“In college, we played quarter games, or dollar games,” Salois said. “Every once in while we play $5 to $10 games.” His biggest losses run up to about $30 or $40.


For Salois, who says he is “terrible at counting cards,” the point is to relieve tension and socialize.


“There’s a (online) sidebar with a chat tab, and for the most part, it’s pretty friendly,” he said.


Randall, 24, plays the game more often, Togel Hongkong logging on nearly every day, he said. He picked the game up three years ago, also in college. But the stakes stay low.


“You can play as big as $200 or $400, or as low as $5 or $10 or even 5 cents or 10 cents,” he said. “The (Web) sites don’t make money.”


Brian Lessels, a freshman at Colby College, said that he …

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