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Many articles have been written about the difficulty of being a winning poker player at the low limit games. Although my hours on the table are somewhat limited I have been successful at $1-$5 seven card stud since I started keeping records in June 1996. I started playing casino poker in late 1995, having never played in a home game or any other poker game for money. I consider the period prior to June 1996 to be a trial period. I read some books and got my feet wet. I believe that I had just started winning on a fairly regular basis when I started keeping records during my first poker trip to Vegas. My winnings in 1999, 2000 and to date in 2001 are $996 in 301.5 hours of play, $3.30 an hour. That’s two-thirds of a big bet an hour. Over 936.5 hours of play (my total records) I have a win of $835 so I started out with losses and gradually learned how to win at this limit. However, the consensus is that no one makes money at $1-$5. I have consistently won even though my playing time has been limited and I have gone long periods without playing. I always keep reading, thinking about and studying the game. The purpose of this Slot Gacor article is to indicate the things I believe have made me a winner. I would appreciate comments on the theories listed.

The Kount’s Three Basic Principles of Winning

  1. Know the people on the table.
  2. Be extremely disciplined.
  3. Always bet on Sixth Street.


Now let’s discuss each principle in depth.


One of the first poker books I read was Roy West’s classic 7 Card Stud, 42 Lessons. The second lesson is “there is no substitute for knowledge of your opponents” I believe this applies more in low limits than at higher limits. I assume that at higher limits you expect a certain knowledge of the game that eliminates some plays. Not on the low limit! You’re liable to see anything. Knowing the players is vital to success at these limits. I have categorized the “types” into four categories. There are those who overlap the categories.

– Kitchen table players

– Rammers and jammers

– Money is no object

– The gambler


Kitchen Table Players

These are the people who learned from Uncle Harry on the kitchen table. What they learned was that poker is a game of luck and you play every hand especially if you have a pair. Uncle Harry has been playing for years and never learned a thing about odds and probabilities. You want these people on the table. Yes, some sessions they are going to draw out on you, but you know in the long run you will prevail. They may read a poker book, but then they get on the table and draw that inside straight and beat your rolled up Kings that didn’t improve, and they know that they know more than the writers and Uncle Harry was right, it is a game of pure luck. Let them think that, you will take a lot more money than that pot they draw out on you once in a while.


Rammers and Jammers


These are usually people who play higher limits and sit in on the$1-$5 game to have some fun and take the peons’ money. Don’t let them intimidate you. You’ll recognize them right away. They raise $5 on third street every other hand or so. Wait your chance, figure they are bluffing or you have a good enough hand to compete then go for it. Raise them! They will back off most times. Especially if you get some scare cards on board.


Money Is No Object


These players are similar to the rammers and jammers but they usually play a better game. However, they will bet the max on less than a good hand. Again these folks cannot intimidate you. If you think the implied odds give you a good reason to chase then do so if not just fold. Remember it doesn’t matter what the limit is the max bet should indicate a strong hand. With these folks that’s not always the case, so play accordingly.


The Gambler


The gambler plays a decent game but the need for action gets in the way. Usually this type is playing the horses (thank the casino management for putting the race book next to the poker room) or keno or deciding what team he will bet this weekend and trying to play at the same time. When they go through a run of unplayable hands they get restless and start playing anything. This is when you can make some moves with good hands and get more than your share of the gambler’s money.




Discipline is very important at the low limits. You must play a tight aggressive game. The tight has to be enforced all the time. Once in a while you can play over cards to the board. However, when you appear to be beat, fold. Using the strategy from structured limit, you should make your decision to stay or not by fifth street not because the limits double but because the betting most times increases on fifth through seventh. If you are very marginal get out. At these limits you can sit there for hours watching one bad play after another and figure you can beat the game with almost anything. Don’t be fooled, these folks draw out against your good hands, if you’re playing three straights and non-quality flushes you are on the way to disaster. You must go in with quality, remember the folks at this level aren’t watching what you’re doing much, so some steal attempts are useless. Many of these players hardly watch the board let alone how you’re playing certain hands. One characteristic of many of the types listed above is that they will watch their hand only, not realizing that the board has them beat. Take advantage when you see this happening on the table.




Yes I know the books talk about checking on sixth to set up a play on seventh street etc. At low limits, don’t do it. Always bet. The reason for this is based on the fact that you see a lot more folds on sixth and seventh streets on these games then you do at higher limits. That in and of itself should make this a “golden rule” when playing low limit seven card stud. Your marginal hand may become a favorite because of the sixth street bet. The better hand and/or draw may fold with a full bet on sixth street. This theory is coupled with “make them pay” to see a card that may draw out on you. Always make them pay, don’t give free cards. You will win a lot more this way then trying to be fancy. Since you are going into sixth with a decent hand, you will prevail more often then they will draw their long shot. Get money in the pot so that it will end up on your stacks.




I firmly believe, and my records tell me it is true, that following these rules will give you an edge in low limit stud. The discipline cannot be emphasized enough. I love to hear players say this game is all luck or the cards make you look good. You know you have kitchen table types on your table then. Also like to see the superior look on the face of the rammer and jammer, they are not expecting to face tough competition. When you show down a winner and let them know you can play, they leave you alone the rest of the session. When you see the big bets on early streets and hear the it’s only money comments, you have a money is no object player. Work them hard when you have the nuts, they will pay you off. Those race forms on the table are your friend; don’t complain the gambler is taking time to play because they are distracted. Keep them distracted, let them make money on the ponies so you have more you can take from them. Yes, there are nights when all these types are beating up on you with their loose play and impossible draws, but in the long run, knowing who they are, being disciplined and always betting on sixth street wins out.


By the way don’t play when a full moon is out. I have taken my worst losses at these limits on nights when a full moon is out. May be a coincidence, but I doubt it.



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