SixthSenSe19 Wins togel hongkong Event #38

In the marathon heads-up matter that was togel hongkong WCOOP Event #38, SixthSenSe19 emerged as the top dog in what is arguably the most challenging game in online poker.
Outlasting 943 other entrants, SixthSenSe19 took home the lion’s share of the $600,000 guaranteed prize pool. The $500+$30 buy-in event finished short of its expected enrollment, but still managed to last nearly 36 hours.
After the final table was set, SixthSenSe19 and gipsy74 quickly came to an agreement regarding the final payout. Both would receive $80,000 guaranteed, and play heads-up for both the title and the remaining $20,000.
As the railbirds watched, play resumed at the typically expected pace. SixthSenSe19 jumped out to a narrow lead almost immediately, and never really relinquished control. Gipsy74 continued to plug away, refusing to be drawn into a big pot which could have led to his downfall. The two battled for more than an hour, remaining within close proximity of one another.
Finally, with the blinds at $100/$200 and SixthSenSe19 leading $7,896 to $6,714, gypsy74 made a $300 preflop raise from the small blind. The chip leader made it $919 to go, and received a call. The board came 4dAh5h, and SixthSenSe19 bet an additional $919. Gipsy74 pushed all in holding Ac3c, and received a call from SixthSenSe19 and his AdQd. The board finished out 4dAh5h6h5d, securing a hard fought win for the chip leader.
Here’s how the top eight shook out in this heads-up battle:
#1 – SixthSenSe19 ($100,000)
#2 – gipsy74 ($80,000)
#3 – noclue645 ($36,000)
#4 – lobito121 ($36,000)
#5 – gr33dy ($18,600)
#6 – schwarmann ($18,600)
#7 – BigRiskky ($18,600)
#8 – Poker Own U ($18,600)
All told, the top 128 players made the money. The minimum prize handed out was a respectable $1,200. Three pros made the cut, with both mattidm (124th) and Money800 (88th) grabbing $1,200, and Jp kelly (35th) netting $2,400.
ChipUniter Wins PokerStars WCOOP Event 37
Over 2300 players registered for the 37th 2010 WCOOP event, $320 No Limit Hold ‘Em. The event failed to meet its $750,000 Guaranteed so PokerStars ponied up a shade under $50,000 to keep its part of the bargain. The Cadillac of Poker attracted internet superstars and a bevy of Team PokerStars Pros.
Several popular pros managed to cash in WCOOP Event 37. WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Raymer finished in 221st while the magnanimous Barry Greenstein made a slightly earlier exit in 231st. ElkY, WPT Champion and former Starcraft great, finished in 198th. Darus Suharto, an accountant who final tabled the 2008 WSOP Main Event, bested all of Team PokerStars with his 15th place finish.
All eyes were on the final table and more specifically on THAY3R. His real name is Thayer Rasmussen and he is really good at tournament poker. In January 2009 he binked a nearly $100,000 cash in a UBOC Event. This summer Rasmussen finished runner-up in the $150k Guaranteed on Absolute Poker and the $250k Guaranteed on PokerStars. Those two scores netted him over $60,000. His lifetime tournament winnings exceed $3,000,000.
We hate to built him up and then knock him down, but THAY3R was out first at the final table when he shoved his suited AJ over ChipUniter’s button min-raise. Rasmussen received $6,750, but a player of his caliber certainly wanted the WCOOP Bracelet.
ChipUniter continued to steam roll over the table. He doubled up a few players with marginal hands but eventually got heads-up with over a 6-1 chip lead over TIETYMM. The two players discussed a deal, but ChipUniter wanted to close the deal.
Unfortunately for ChipUniter, he began uniting his chips with TIETYMM’s stack. ChipUniter suffered a blow when TIETYMM rivered a straight with the championship on the line. A few hands later both players got all-in on the turn with TIETYMM holding two-pair and ChipUniter holding only one. The river blanked and the tables had turned on ChipUniter.
Now it was ChipUniter who wanted a deal. Both players came to an agreement and the race for the championship was on. Momentum shifted to ChipUniter when his ace rag flopped an ace versus the pocket nines of TIETYMM. The final hand was a classic race situation that saw ChipUniter’s pocket eights come out on top of QT.
ChipUniter received over $110,00 and a WCOOP Bracelet for his efforts. Thanks to the deal, TIETYMM earned over $99,000 for his brilliant effort.

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