Neteller founder Lawrence pleads guilty in Togel Singapore gambling case

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Stephen Lawrence, the other NETeller founder pleads guilty in the illegal gambling case filed against it by US attorneys.


NEW YORK (Reuters) – A founder of payment processor NETeller pleaded guilty on Friday to a conspiracy charge over the handling of billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds.


Stephen Lawrence, 47, during a hearing before U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel in Manhattan, also agreed to cooperate with the government.


Lawrence faces a maximum sentence of five years on the conspiracy charge for his role in the operation of the payment processor.


Lawrence and co-founder John Lefebvre, who started the company in 1999, were first charged in January with conspiring to transfer funds with the intent to promote illegal gambling.


NETeller quit the United States in January, abandoning two-thirds of its business after authorities arrested the two founders.


“Mr. Lawrence is very glad to have this episode over and looks forward to moving on to the next stage of his life,” attorney Peter Neiman said after the hearing.


Castel allowed Lawrence to travel within the United States as well as to Canada and the Bahamas. He set a sentencing date for October 29.


Doctors Calls For Probe on Video Game Health Effects


The American Medical Association has called for more research into the public health risks of video games, but said it would let the American Psychiatric Association and other experts decide whether video game addiction should be designated a mental illness.


Dr. Ronald Davis, president of the AMA said that the organisation remained concerned about the behavioural, health and societal effects of video game overuse.


“To the extent that a game is controlling someone’s behaviours and taking over their daily life, then you are talking about a compulsive use, whether you categorise it in a psychiatric manual or not,” he added.


Euro Commission acts on sports betting provision


The European Commission has taken the first steps to remove obstacles to the provision of Togel Singapore sports betting services in France, Sweden and Greece. The Commission has requested France and Sweden amend their laws “following consideration of their replies to letters of formal notice sent in April and October 2006”.


Not satisfied with the reasons given by those countries for maintaining their gambling monopolies, the Commission has issued them with “reasoned opinions”. If France and Sweden do not provide a satisfactory reply to the Commission’s demands within the next two months, the matter could be referred to the European Court of Justice.


The Commission’s statement says the restrictions placed on sports-betting operators are not compatible with Article 49 of the EC Treaty, guaranteeing the free movement of services and “have not been shown to be necessary, proportionate and non-discriminatory”. With regards to Greece, the Commission will decide whether the country’s legislation is compatible with article 49 of the EC Treaty.





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