Live Ligaz11 Audio Broadcast from United States Poker Championship


Mark will be present at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City from December 12th to bring you daily radio coverage and pre-recorded video of the Main Event of the United States Poker Championship. He will also be bringing you the live audio from the final table of the Main Event. Tune in as this will be the best yet and not one to miss.


If any of you are planning to go to the Taj, Mark will be delighted to meet any of the PokerPages/PokerSchoolOnline community in person. It is so nice to finally put a face to that name.


Tunica for the WPO in January

We have received many emails from players saying it would be nice if our PokerPages community could get together in Tunica. Mark will be there for all of the time and I will be going hopefully on the last week, so hope that we can get to meet many of you there.


Again, PokerPages will be doing the full media coverage from Tunica, with daily radio and pre-recorded videos of the final tables, daily written reports, photos and live audio broadcast from the final table of the Main Event — the one with the Million dollars guaranteed.


Well in the last newsletter I put out a request for any players in England that knew of a Limit Hold ’em game to contact me. I was overwhelmed by the response I had to this request but unfortunately nobody could offer a solution to the players problem for a Limit Hold ’em game.


I was however directed to give The Vic, on the Edgware Rd a call, and they said that if enough players would come then they would be happy to have a Limit Hold ’em game.


So my next question to you all is, do you want to get together once a week for a Limit Hold ’em game at The Vic? If you could email me, then I will put you all in touch with each other to get something started.


I am sure that you will make a new player to England very happy.


We will be shutting down tournament rooms 1 and 2 on the old software on Dec 3rd and there will only be side action games 24/7 in room 3. The last round 2 tournament will be played on Sunday Dec 2nd.


There will be a link in the log in screen so it will be easy for you to download our new tournament software and continue to play with the same groups of players in our new card room.


Our current Beta test ligaz11 promotion will be finished on November 30th, and from December 1st a new monthly ranking table will start, and you will be able to win Poker Dollars for units of time in the PokerSchool that will be based on the ranking system. So if you are already a School member and want to take part — and you win — then the extra time will be added to your membership. And if you are not already a member and you win, then you will have a free trial period in the school.


All results from these new Poker Dollar fun play tournaments will be recorded into the ranking system. There will not be a round 1 and 2 structure.


We will be sending an email out to all of those in our database to explain what will happen fully, but if you have any questions then please email:


Room 3 with the side action will remain until we are ready to go live with the side action on our new software.


If you still have Poker Dollars that you have not yet claimed for tournament play in a live casino, don’t worry: They are valid for a year.





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