Comparison of paid and free hosting: What are the problems with free hosting?

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Hosting is not free


To put it mildly, free hosting is a marketing tactic. Free hosting is offered by companies to sign up for their platform. After you sign up as a customer and begin creating a site, you’ll quickly realize that it is almost impossible to maintain and create a website with a free hosting plan.


It is very simple what companies do. Companies remove all features from hosting plans. You’ll be in for a shock when you start creating a website. Once you realize that you  cheap SSD dedicated servers require certain tools and features, the companies start charging you for them. You might need basic tools and resources such as bandwidth, disk space or SSL. Each will be charged separately. Because you have put so much effort into your website, you will be able to pay more. These tools and features aren’t cheap.


Shared Hosting offers a complete web hosting solution. Shared Hosting is a complete web hosting solution. You get everything you need to manage your website: a pre-installed control panel and script auto-installers. You get the best value for your money with a Shared hosting plan.


There are many advertisements!


Hosting companies that offer hosting services for free are making money. They will create space on their servers to host your website. They will place ads on your website if you manage to get it up and running on their free hosting.


These ads are not likely to make you any money. Hosting companies get the ad revenue. This is because they have free hosting and therefore the ad revenues. This isn’t temporary, however!


These ads will not be displayed on your website as long as you have free hosting. As your website grows, this can be a problem. You don’t make any money despite having an audience.


This is not possible with Shared Hosting plans. You decide what content goes on your website with a paid hosting plan. Web hosting companies cannot place advertisements on your website or make revenue. This will ensure a clean website and seamless user experience.


Your website will crash often


You might already know that free hosting servers are not the best for hosting companies. It’s free. They make it easy to maintain your website, so you won’t have to worry about it.


Companies are now charging for shared hosting plans. The web hosting company will offer a service guarantee that includes an uptime guarantee when you purchase a hosting plan. You can hold the company responsible for uptime scores, and you can also demand your money back if they provide substandard services.


It is impossible to overstate the importance of website uptime. Your website will not be displayed in search engine results if it crashes frequently. It can also get blacklisted and your customers won’t have access to your website. You will lose money.


Very little to no customer support


You will need some help if you are new to website hosting and maintenance. You can forget about any customer support with free website hosting. Although companies may have support policies and timelines in place for free website hosting, they won’t be able to help you much.


Companies that use Shared Hosting have clear policies regarding customer support. Web hosting companies set clear deadlines for resolving issues. When it comes to customer support, Shared Hosting is the clear winner in free hosting vs. paid web hosting. Many web hosting companies offer 24×7 expert customer service to assist you with your queries.


Low bandwidth


Bandwidth refers to the speed at which data is transferred between your server and the browser of the user. Here’s the bottom line: more bandwidth is better. Your website will be faster if you have more bandwidth. Website speed is everything. Studies have shown that users prefer websites that load quickly.


You can expect very limited bandwidth when you get free hosting. This is often because hosting companies overload servers with websites, leaving little bandwidth. Some companies limit bandwidth intentionally. In order to sign you up for a plan with more bandwidth, companies create bandwidth caps.


You can communicate bandwidth clearly with Shared Hosting You know exactly what you are getting. You can also add images, videos and animations to your website without worrying about bandwidth issues. Many Shared Hosting providers also offer unlimited bandwidth, which eliminates the problem of having limited bandwidth.




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