Cowgirl with a Camera

Some people believe the cowboy and cowgirl lifestyle is history, a relic of America’s storied past that is no more. But that’s not how Tamara Gooch sees it. There’s something unique in the way the West sparks her spirit. She senses it when she’s out in the vast landscape. Here, she can smell the sagebrush-scented air and hear the leaves rustled by mountain breezes.…

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Into the storm

Having the right kit is just half the story, because when it comes to capturing an epic storm image, you need courage, too. French photographer Mathieu Rivrin braved 85mph winds as he photographed the Phare de la Jument lighthouse, off the coast of Brittany, from a helicopter.…

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Storage Solution

As still image and video file sizes increase and the need to access them on multiple devices anywhere in the world becomes more important, the requirements for media storage become more complex. Even my modest studio sports four desktop computers and a laptop, and I’m never without my iPad or Android tablets and, of course, my smartphone. Away from the studio I need to access images to show clients and upload images from sessions for processing as soon as I return. I also need my Mac and Windows machines at home to be able to access photos from the studio computers.…

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Reduce unsightly image noise

When shooting in low lighting conditions your camera will struggle to capture a correct exposure. You could pop up the flash, but this may not always help – it won’t illuminate distant objects, and it may not be permitted in certain locations. By setting your camera to a faster iso speed you can make it more sensitive to available light. this enables you to use a narrower aperture and a faster shutter speed in low light, but it can result in pictures that suffer from noise.…

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Akku Rasenmäher Test

Best Riding Lawn Mowers For Hills Reviews Akku Rasenmäher Test


At a vigorous speed of 3.6 miles per hr, I covered 3 miles of cutting! VANITY declares as much as 60 mins of trimming time when coupled with a 7.5 Ah battery. The battery competed 50 mins before taping out. It has been the most effective executing, well believed out, and also simple to utilize electrical lawn mower we have checked today. In previous designs, the take care of was out on the nose of the lawnmower deck as well as when folded up, aligned well with the operating manage. Engine: Self-propelled yard mower engines are usually in between 140cc and also 190cc, so the greater the engine, the much better the device carries out, especially with hefty tons, damp turf, or unsafe damp yard as well as the unequal surface. Nonetheless, we did have plenty of things in my yard to check the mulching as well as the landing power of the EGO Select Cut lawnmower. While many individuals could not install their lawnmower on the wall surface, I miss out on the capacity to do so.

This enabled me to keep my lawnmower not just up and down, however up and down on a wall surface hook. The Greenworks double pressure cordless mower flaunts a remarkable 20-inch reducing deck makes easy work of also great work Akku Rasenmäher Test. The Homelite inch rechargeable cordless electrical mower makes use of a volt battery to provide its power. The underpowered electric motors could not take on the grass-cutting …

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