Business card service at Translation Services UK

Translation Services UK

Our business card service is a specialised service we have been providing to agencies and printers since 1991.

This is where we transliterate the names of the person and the company, and translate the job title.

Our in-house typesetting studio then returns them in the electronic format of your choice, in the style and layout of your original card.

The most common languages we provide this service in are Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. We transliterate the names on the card and typeset them, returning them in the electronic format of your choice.

And thanks to the addition of our new division, Bubbles Translation Print, we can also print the cards for you. We are now truly a one-stop shop for all your business card requirements!


As one of the world’s leading translation companies we translate many millions of words each year between all major languages and on a vast range of subjects.

To ensure accuracy, our mother tongue translators and proofreaders of the very highest calibre and have a proven track record in the subjects they translate.

When you place a translation project with Bubble Translations, it is handled by an experienced project management team, who will advise you and, aided by our state-of-the-art and industry leading job tracking system, keep you informed at any time of your project’s status.

Quality, service and strict client confidentiality are our founding Translation Services UK principles, and combined with the expertise of our staff and depth of our resources means we can handle even the most complex of projects.

Whether you need to translate a technical manual into twenty languages, an overnight press release into all major European languages, a Japanese patent into English or a legal contract into Arabic, rest assured that Bubbles Translation has the experience and flexibility to meet your needs.

Our mother-tongue translators are both language specialists and experts in the subject matter they translate, and we use only professionals who have passed our stringent selection procedures. And with offices currently in 15 countries and growing, we have in-house staff on the ground keeping abreast of market developments.

As you would expect from a company that started trading in 1988, we have a large in-house library of resources.

Not only do we use mother-tongue translators, unlike many of our competitors we prefer to perform translations in the countries where your work will be read. By using translators resident to where the work will be used helps to produce a higher quality translation, as residents inevitably have a better knowledge of the evolution in language and culture in their country.

To ensure consistency in future projects, we always aim to use the same translation team. Glossaries are routinely compiled and any necessary research is included as part of your translation package. Trados, Transit, SDLX and other CAT tools can also be used where applicable.

Translations requiring proof reading are carefully checked by a second independent mother-tongue translator prior to dispatch, not just for accuracy, spelling and grammar, but also for consistency in terminology.

We are confident the Bubbles Translation commitment to quality, service and long-term partnerships will make us an invaluable asset to your team.




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