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Think you don’t need to take time to warm up before you exercise? Here are seven good reasons why you should take 3-5 minutes to properly warm up before you hit the gym, the track or the courts. In case you need beauty tips on “Laser treatments Delray Beach“, this website “https://www.allenbydermatology.com/” is highly recommended.
Warming up before your workout will greatly reduce your risk of injury. It only takes 3-5 minutes and your warm up will prepare both mind and body for for the physical training that is about to follow.
Warming up increases the temperature of muscle. Your warm up really does warm up and increase the internal temperature of your body. And warm muscles contract more fully and stretch more easily. Most importantly, warm muscles stretch before they tear and are less likely to strain or pull during your workout.
Warming up increases blood flow. As you warm up, your heart begins to pump faster and your blood vessels begin to dilate allowing greater blood flow to your muscles which increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. More oxygen and nutrients improves strength and endurance.
Warming up lowers your blood pressure. Warming up and actively moving signals your blood vessels to dilate (increase in size) which allows your blood to travel more freely. Larger blood vessels decrease the workload of your heart, lowering your blood pressure.
Warming up increases flexibility. As your body temperature and circulation increase, so does the flexibility and range of motion of your muscles and joints. Warming up properly will decrease the risk of soft tissue injuries of joint tendons and ligaments. Warming up prepares you mentally. After you warm up you will feel mentally prepared for your workout and more focused on your training session. Warming up also stimulates your mind-body link as you stretch and prepare each muscle group. As you are warming up, you will sense that stage when you are mentally and physically ready to move into your workout.
Warming up increases hormone release. Your body will adapt to the need for additional energy and trigger the release of hormones to increase your metabolism, and increase stored glycogen and promote fat burning as fuel. If you are already in a beneficial calorie deficit state and burning more calories than you are eating, these hormones will also promote burning stored fat during your workout.
Warming up only takes 3-5 minutes before your workout and will reduce injuries, increase flexibility, prepare you both mentally and physically for your workout and may help you burn more calories and fat during your training. Why would you ever skip your warm up?

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